Bolts – Keep the knives in place

The cutter house in a granulator is a very tough environment. Knife bolts are continuously affected by fatigue, stress and elongation and can be loosened by vibrations. Ideally, bolts should be replaced every other time the knives are sharpened. The clamping force needed can only be achieved using bolts of 12.9 quality, torqued to the specified force using a torque wrench. The knife bolts Rapid provide are all of 12.9 quality, and that we guarantee!

If a bolt fails, damage will be severe – don't jeopardize your cash cow!

Knife bolts, 12.9 quality. Correct torques:

M8 37 Nm
M10 75 Nm
M12 120 Nm
M16 280 Nm
M20 600 Nm

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