The Rapid OneCUT PRO is a highly efficient energy-saving granulator capable of producing the highest quality regrind. It benefits from a number of unique Rapid innovations like the FlexiSPEED technology, and open-hearted design that drastically simplifies cleaning and maintenance.

All plastics have different properties, so why use the same speed to reduce them? With Rapid OneCUT PRO, you can use the FlexiSPEED to adjust the rotor speed whenever you need to, so you can be sure you’re using the right setting to achieve the optimal output, regrind quality, lowest noise level and lowest possible energy consumption through Rapid EnergySMART.

And that’s only the start. Add open-hearted technology for fast cleaning, smarter metal detection, and a lot more, and you have a new benchmark.

The Rapid OneCUT PRO is a revolutionary slow speed granulator

Find out more about the innovative technology and benefits that the OneCUT PRO can offer your business


Operator friendly:

  • Open Hearted Design with Quick Rotor Release. Easily open up the whole cutter house and disconnect the gearbox, which drastically simplifies cleaning and maintenance
  • Gas spring supported cutter house simplifies the opening and controls the closing, meaning the heavy cutter house cannot fall down, which reduces the risk of injury
  • Fully modular cutter house designed with maintenance in mind, which offers very easy service and part changes.

    Superior performance:

    • FlexiSPEED system uses a frequency converter allowing you to adjust the speed based on the material for optimal performance, reducing the noise level and reduces energy use by up to 30%
    • Rapid EnergySMART can help you to utilize the granulator’s overcapacity and save up to 80% of your energy cost. It’s also equipped with the Rapid Stop&Go mode, where the granulator will run in intervals, saving even more energy
    • SquareCUT cutting tooth design generates uniform regrind of the absolute­ highest quality.

      Top safety and warranty:

      • Anti-blocking system is equipped as standard, and prevents any jamming issues during granulation. It can also handle both sprues and parts as a result
      • Complies with current and future safety requirements for granulators. The OneCUT PRO meets safety level PLD according to the new European safety rules EN 12012-1:2018
      • 5-year extended warranty so you can sleep well at night, provided through our cloud-based Rapid Service Center. All manuals and maintenance instructions for your specific machine are available 24/7, 365 days a year.

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